A towering success of a day out

A group of clients have spent the day at the Carillon Tower Museum in Loughborough.

The museum is run on a day-to-day basis by a team of volunteers. It’s a great place to find out about the past, whether that means simple curiosity about the wars fought in the 20th century, seeking information about an ancestor or more serious research about events and those who took part in them. All the exhibits are donated by members of the local community.

Our Support Worker, Scott, went with clients from Pelham Road. They went as Ashley especially has an interest in the history of the Second World War. They got to wear some of the exhibits at the museum too!

They all really enjoyed the day. Ashley was especially happy to see objects at first hand rather than just watching documentaries on television. History is always more interesting if you can touch it – it makes things come to life more and everyone understood a bit more about the history of the Second and First World Wars after their visit.

Thank you to the volunteers at the Carillon Tower museum for making us feel so welcome!