It’s Art…but not as we know it

Recently Richard, a client from our Mansfield Woodhouse Site with an interest and talent in all things Information Technology related, was selected to take part in a five-day development programme. ‘Getting started in Digital Arts’ was a course hosted by the Prince’s Trust and the Worksop based organisation First Art.

Richard worked hard; he kept his energy and enthusiasm all week, enjoying a fun and rewarding time improving his teamwork and communication skills. He built his self-confidence in his abilities to share his thoughts and ideas with the other young adults enrolled on the course.

They worked with the professional new media artist Rebecca Smith, learning about her work and the art of other digital and street artists. The group learned new skills to produce their own individual and group artwork using different digital media applications.

Richard will also receive three months’ support from the Prince’s Trust after the programme to help him look for training or volunteering experiences – and he might be busy supporting our team at Mansfield Woodhouse deliver new media art projects for clients!