BSA Star Rider

As I’m sure you know, our bike project is one of the sparkling diamonds in our treasure chest of activities. What you may not know is that repairing bikes is not the only skill the group members have. One of a very talented bunch, our very own Evelyn has a skill for writing that has had us all cock-a-hoop! So, I’ll shut up for now and let you read Evelyn’s account of bike clubs recent restoration of an old BSA bicycle… Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Dave had gone to the cattle market in search of bike parts going cheap, when he saw a man selling an old rusted to heck brown and white bike. So being the bike enthusiast that he is, Dave approached the man and gave the bike a once over.

“How much do you want for that?” Dave asked,

“Twenty quid, duck“ The man stated. Dave gave a chuckle, hoping that the man was not serious, but the man did not join him in the laughter,

“Okay, thanks, but that’s more than I want to pay for it” Dave declared, before turning to carry on in his search for cheap bike parts,

“Hey, wait! How about we play a game of coin toss?” The man called out. “The person who wins gets to decide to pay what they want, between £8 and £15” the man called, making Dave stop in his tracks.

Never the one to turn down a game of chance, he agreed. People stopped doing what they were doing and turned to watch the two grown men play a game of coin toss. The man tossed the coin in the air, “Heads” he called only to have Dave reply with a shout of “Tails.” The coin landed on the floor, bounced, span on its side for a few seconds before revealing the winner.

It was….tails! Dave had won the bike for £8. Begrudgingly, the man selling the bike handed it over and took the money. Dave pushed the rusted bike along the pavement thinking to himself “The bike crew is either going to be happy I found this, or they will be questioning my sanity once more?!”

The Bike arrives at Space

It was a Wednesday when the bike crew first saw the bike that Dave had ‘triumphantly ‘brought for the low price of eight quid. Cameron was working on another bike doing the last little touch ups, James was at the drinks station making a round of drinks, Ash was pottering around cleaning up some breaks.

Evelyn had just arrived with headphones in listening to MIC drop by BTS, she shrugged off her rucksack, giving the guys a one handed wave and Dave a fist bump, when she spotted the new addition to the collection of bikes. “What is that? And why is it here?” she questioned.

“Oh I picked it up from the cattle market last week” Dave nervously stated.

“You got it from the cattle market?” she asked, looking at Dave as he looked from the bike to her and back again, “The guy selling it wanted twenty quid for it, but I didn’t wanna pay that much, so we ended up in an epic coin toss, I won and here we are with a bike” Dave proudly stated.

Evelyn looked from the bike to Dave, “Great” she said sarcastically, bringing a hand to rub her forehead

“Does it work?” she asked, Dave chuckled “I don’t know, but it will” he replied…Evelyn said nothing.

“I’m thinking if you and Cameron probably start with stripping the bike, and sanding down the surface rust, then we can see if there is any hidden problems” Dave suggested, Evelyn agreed and grabbing Cameron they set to work sandpapering the surface rust off the bike.

Restoring the bike from brown and white to the blue BSA Star Rider beneath

Throughout the next few weeks, the bike crew set about turning the bike from the rusted brown and white mess that it was, into the BSA Star Rider bike that you see in the pictures, with a Cameron’s prowess of sanding down the rusted bike parts along with the rest of the crew’s hard work.

Cai, Evelyn and Ben were sanding down the brown and white painted bike frame, “Can you believe that Dave got this bike, Eve?” Cai questioned, as he pressed down hard on the sand paper to get the old paint off “This is Dave we are talking about!” Evelyn replied. Just then the doors opened and Tom came in holding a couple of picture’s in his hand.

“Dave, I did some research in to why we are discovering two different shades of blue under the brown and white paint, following the crew’s discovery of the BSA logo beneath the old paint, it turns out that this bike is a BSA Star Rider, from the 1950’s” Tom declared.

The rest of the crew looked at the pictures asking themselves why someone would paint over the logo and the original paint work.

The bike crew got to work putting the now freshly sandpapered bike frame, front wheel, back wheel and mud guards back together, then they set to work fixing up the other problems with the help of Bike Club workers Richard and Dave.

The Finished Product

The bike crew spent weeks checking and cleaning and repairing the bikes many components to ensure that they work properly. One day, Cai stated “It’s finished” as course of high-fives rippled through the group. “What would I do without you guys?” Dave declared, to which Evelyn replied “Probably lose your head and end up in a padded cell screaming about bikes” which is par for the course banter from Evelyn.

The bike is now finished and ready to be put back on the road, nigh on 60 years after it first hit the streets, and Dave is now banned from playing coin toss!

Head for Heights

We’ve loved the @DepotNottingham pretty much since they’ve opened, and although we don’t always have potential climbers use our service, when we do The Depot are definitely our climbing centre of choice. We currently have a group from our Radford Boulevard site taking part in a a few bouldering sessions and so far everyone seems to be really enjoying it! As well as being great exercise and helping to introduce people to new activities, climbing is great for developing confidence, co-ordination and problem solving… Not to mention a great sense of achievement. None of which would be possible without the facilities and support of everyone at The Depot. Thanks guys!

Wheelie Good

We like to get our hands dirty from time to time, and messing around with bikes is a great way to do it! Bike Club is based at our Radford Boulevard site and is run by Dave and Jerry, two experienced, qualified and very keen cyclists, bike mechanics and tinkerers of all things mechanical. Clients that have an interest in such things learn the basics of bicycle maintenance, they also learn useful skills such as problem solving, working safely, and team-work.

Donated bikes are refurbished and sold at bargain prices and we also offer a bicycle servicing and repair. All work is carried out to a high standard and really importantly, we enjoy doing it! If your bike needs some TLC, just get in touch!

A Spacecraft-y Christmas

Christmas crafting is in full swing at our (work)shop Spacecraft… With the help of some excellent tuition from printmaking staff at West Notts College we’ve designed and produced some rather excellent linocut Christmas cards. they proved to be really popular on our stall at a recent craft fayre and were going like hot cakes! If you’re local (or even if you’re not!) why not pop in to Spacecraft and pick some up? Your family and friends will love you for it, and you may even see some other handmade crafts that will make perfect presents..!

Deck the Halls

We’ve held off for as long as possible, but we can’t contain ourselves any longer… Christmas really is coming! As you can see from the photos, the festive fun is in full swing at our Mansfield Woodhouse site as we start to deck the halls, trim the tree and turn Grove Street into our very own grotto. Seasonal shenanigans will continue for some time, especially as we are open for the Christmas period this year, so check back for more festive frolics whilst you warm your toes by the fire!

Body as Canvas Workshops

We are lucky to have a good relationship with the team at the New Art Exchange and for and we’ve
taken part in a couple of their Body As Canvas Workshops previously. The workshops are seasonal creative sessions for adults with learning and physical disabilities. Sessions are led by collaborators, experienced artists and support workers from LEVEL, a Matlock based arts space.

This workshop was based on the NAE’s current main gallery exhibition, Africa State of Mind, a group show featuring the works of African Photographers. The exhibition explores themes of identity and place, with images focusing on the urban environment in African countries and how a new generation of Africans are expressing themselves.

Poppin’ Portraits

We do some great creative projects here at Space, and a recent one that caught our eye has been happening at our Pelham Road site. Using the style of artist Julian Opie as inspiration,
our folks have been creating their own portraits using Opie’s characteristic thick black outlines and solid colours. Space clients have been recognising the simplified facial features and characteristics and producing some fantastic work.

A Walk in the Woods

Autumn is always a super time to take a walk, the changing colour of the leaves, the cold crisp weather, woolly jumpers and a nice hot drink at the end… Our folks in Mansfield Woodhouse are in a perfect spot too, with some lovely countryside and forest walks right on their doorstep. A recent five mile (good work guys!) stroll around Sherwood Forest (stopping by to see the Major Oak of course) included a chance sighting of some very handsome fly agaric mushrooms. As they are toxic hands were kept firmly in pockets, and unfortunately there were no sightings of pixies on this occasion… Maybe next time..!

30 Days Wild – Part 2

Our Support Worker, Levi, took these photographs whilst working with a group, capturing a selection of interesting bugs and insects.

If you can name any of them, we’d love to know! – E-mail and we’ll happily share your expert knowledge with everyone, plus give you a mention on social media.

It’s been a great month so far getting out in the wild, and there are still a few days left to explore, learn and enjoy 30 Days Wild, so watch this space.