I am an example of how clients at Space Inclusive can progress and do brilliant things they didn’t imagine they’d ever do when they first attended. I started attending Space Inclusive at Mansfield Woodhouse a few years ago, on Wednesday mornings. I enjoyed my time as a client and my confidence increased, especially as I helped out other clients as well. It was always my intention to move into work and, encouraged by one of the Partners, David, I started thinking about a job at somewhere like Space Inclusive perhaps! I found out I enjoyed working with others to help with their confidence, as space had helped with mine. I gained enough confidence to attend college whilst still attending Work Space one day a week. As I finished my time at college an Apprentice role came up at Mansfield Woodhouse David suggested I apply…and I got it!. My role as an Apprentice Support Worker includes taking on small groups of clients and helping out with activities. I also provide support for Lucy and Daisy, the other two staff members at Mansfield Woodhouse. I am enjoying my role at Grove Street, An Apprenticeship at Space will be a great start to my career!