After a few years working at the Head Office at Boots, I received a letter “in 40 years when you receive your pension…” and I knew something had to change. So while my children were very young I began studying for my teaching degree and as my youngest began started in Reception Class, so did I.

I loved my time teaching in Early Years, and of course it allowed me to spend the holidays with my own 2 kids as they grew up. One of the things we did together as a family was Martial Arts, and over time I became involved with ‘Breaking Down Barriers to Martial Arts’, a charity that believes that everyone, whatever their Special Need or Disability should be encouraged to have a go at Martial Arts. I loved it, and soon after began volunteering working and later working fulltime as a Teaching Assistant at Sutherland House Special School.

I missed being a teacher and grabbed the opportunity to work as a Supply Teacher with Nottingham Autism Supply Services, at a number of Special Schools across the County, during quiet spells and in the holidays I did a few shifts at Space Inclusive. As time went on I did less and less at Space as I had accepted a permanent teaching post at Rosehill Special School and was really excited about my future there, my one frustrations was when parents asked “what next, after school?” Well for some of my students, and for me, after school came Space Inclusive. Part of my remit is going into schools and meeting students, parents and teachers and explaining what a fantastic job we do here at Space Inclusive, and of course my favourite part is getting out there and doing it, sharing my interests; sewing, gardening, upcycling, and martial arts, and supporting our clients engaging in exciting opportunities, trying new activities, challenging themselves and each other.