The World of Work

James White, Manager at our Radford Boulevard Site, has designed and developed an employability training course and workbook that will be delivered in-house across our centres directly to our clients. The workbook has the aim of providing our participants with valuable transferable skills that could be used in all walks of life, but particularly employment. 

The project is for our clients to be introduced to the world of employability and to gain the required expertise to achieve this. Most importantly we want people to become more self-aware and confident whilst working with others throughout this project so that these life skills can be put into place anywhere.  This will be done through a range of activities and a workbook that have been is split into six topics: Teamwork, Self-confidence and motivation, Self-awareness, Health and Safety in the workplace, Skills for employment and preparing for work.  The participants will focus heavily on key skills such as CV writing, preparing for interviews and how you should present yourself in a work environment.

In the past, Space Inclusive have worked with a range of external organisations to deliver employability sessions for our clients, but due to the current unprecedented times we are living in several of our previous courses were postponed. This encouraged James to work on his ideas and not let the pandemic stop our young adults getting the opportunities they deserve.

James states that: “The outcome for each client might be different, for some it will be about working towards some kind of work or voluntary placement whilst for others there could be more of a focus on self-awareness and confidence building.”

This is a fantastic programme for our clients to engage with and many have gained skills they may have previously struggled with. Our hope is that in the future we can organise visits to different businesses so that this training can be put into practice.