Taekwondo Triumph!

Three of our clients from our Mansfield Woodhouse site achieved a fantastic goal recently. They have been involved in Taekwondo coaching at a local club, supported in varying degrees by our lovely staff team, and have done so well that they achieved their first grading! The significance of this is huge. In order to achieve the grading, our guys had to make the standard required. This is an international standard. No favours or half measures for people with disabilities. If you want to make it, you have to do it properly. Our guys did, and more. I could go on about the impact that this has had in their wider lives, but the best people to tell the story, as with all stories, are the people involved in it. Before I hand over to our three martial arts magicians, I’ll leave you with a quote from a very proud parent… “I just wanted to say thank you for all Space has done for S. I have never seen him show as much confidence as he did at the grading. I was so happy to see him with the others from Space. He was in a group with friends and he belonged instead of being on the outside alone.”

Fantastic. Simple as that. As promised, here’s the view from the mat…

I worked really hard to get to my Taekwondo grading. I practiced really hard to get there. I had to put a lot of time in to get to my grading. I was with S and D doing that practice.   I worked on my co-ordination in Taekwondo because that’s what I needed to work on. We worked on our pattern and moves. I feel that my co-ordination has improved because of me doing Taekwondo.

I am doing Taekwondo because I don’t want to be clumsy or quonky all of my life. I want to increase my co-ordination in the long term as well, so I need to carry on doing Taekwondo. I felt really proud of myself for getting my belt in my grading, I also felt that my concentration improved as well because before my grading, I had a short concentration span, but I feel that’s improved because of doing Taekwondo. I also felt that I controlled my temper as well because I didn’t get angry once. I breathed a lot because I was nervous, but my nerves didn’t get that bad when I was breathing. I thought that we all did our moves well. I enjoyed watching the others do their gradings. I especially enjoyed partnering S doing the defence because S was really good doing the defence, I enjoyed being photographed by Haydn and Daisy. Naomi and Liam were good assisting Haydn at the grading, because they were really calm and they were really nice to talk to. They asked us questions we could answer truthfully.  I was really calm when answering the questions asked by Liam. I was honest too because Liam had to come up and help me tie my belt, because I couldn’t do it myself. My favourite bit of the grading was when we had to defend ourselves against Liam. Liam was acting being a nasty person who was trying to hit us. I felt that I did a good job at my grading.  Everyone worked really hard, and I talked to someone who I didn’t usually talk to at the grading too and we all worked really hard.  We all obeyed Haydn’s instructions at the grading, and Haydn is a great teacher.I would rate my performance at the grading ten out of ten.
C, Taekwondo Student

” I got my grading thanks to Master Bridgeland teaching me, C and D all the moves of Taekwondo before the grading. I was slightly nervous to start with but then my nerves started to go. I also got the chance to meet the other people at the grading who all seemed really nice and did an amazing job and they should be really proud of themselves. It was great that my mum Lucy, Daisy and all the other people were there to support us through the grading. I also think that Master Bridgeland took the grading really well and sufficiently with the help of Sabom Liam and Sabom Naomi. I hope that in the future I will go further in Taekwondo, hopefully get to a higher belt or maybe a black belt. I think it also helps improve my physical fitness and the repetition of the patterns help improve my memory.”
S, Taekwondo Student

“I work extremely hard to get to my Taekwondo grading. I practice amazingly hard to get where I am now. I worked with a guy at the grading who was a green belt and I did what he said to me. Everyone worked really well at the grading and I couldn’t be happier to work with them. They are all good at what they do even S and C, those two worked really hard to get to the Taekwondo grading and I am happy for them. The reason I want to do the Taekwondo is because I want it to help me increase my physical health and fitness. And I am enjoying that Haydn is teaching us about Taekwondo and I also enjoying working with S and C to get our grading together it has been really fun doing it.”
D, Taekwondo Student