Summer Sonnet

We have some very talented people who choose to spend their time with us and it’s really nice to let their skills speak for themselves. So, without further ado, we hope you enjoy a seasonal poem (not strictly a sonnet!) by Stuart Vanner who attends our site on Radford Boulevard. The illustration is made using pressed flowers by another client from the same site.


The summer season must be the best, 
For it is when with the world I am most impressed. 
It is time to be out and to have constant fun, 
To be under blue skies and the endless Sun.

Time for scorching hot days and muggy nights, 
To see smiling faces all filled with delight. 
It is time to relax and time to unwind, 
While all about you there is joy to find.

Time to visit the beach and be by sea, 
For colds drinks, ice cream and for feeling free. 
Once again we’ll mention the sweltering heat, 
Since all the seasons it must always beat.

And it is time to look round and appreciate 
These summer moments and celebrate, 
For this lovely season shall in time be past, 
So remember – enjoy it while it lasts.