Poetry in Motion

It’s a strange old time in social care, we are unable to spend face to face time with many of our clients and being with people is what we are all about…

We are lucky that most of our clients are staying in touch and we are able to connect with people remotely. This means we can see how people are, do online activities and see what people have been up to.

One of our super creative clients, Stuart, has been inspired by the NHS efforts during the Covid-19 outbreak and has penned this lovely poem to celebrate the work they do.

by Stuart Vanner

All remember and do not forget
Those to whom we owe our greatest debt.
They help us when we are in distress;
It is all of those who work for the NHS.

Around the clock they are always there,
And all this time they surely care.
Though it is something that we just expect
From those who deserve more respect.

Each worker endlessly strives
To cure and save all of our lives.
So surely nobody can detract
From all they do and that’s a fact.

And as no-one could be disenchanted,
We must never take for granted
All of their work and dedication;
So have for them all appreciation.