Monkey Business

Our guys from our Sherwood site recently went on a trip to a Monkey Forest. Thankfully the weather held out and we managed to miss the rain! The clients were really excited and we were practising our sign language for monkeys during the build-up to the trip. 

The monkeys at the forest are Barbary Macaques and they are at risk of extinction, some of the money we paid to get into the forest will go towards conservation for these lively animals. 

We enjoyed a day out seeing monkeys in something close to their natural habitat rather than behind glass at a zoo, this was a real hands-on experience and something we’ve not done before. The day was filled with facts, learning lots of interesting information about these cheeky creatures as we walked around the park. 

We enjoyed lunch in the picnic area before having a nosey in the gift shop and we bought a special magnet to go on our fridge as we start to collect more magnets from the wonderful trips we’ve been on! We all had a great day and we’re all really excited for more trips to come this summer!