In case you missed it, England won a sporting trophy this summer! After being so close in the women’s football world cup and the netball world cup, it was really nice to celebrate a victory for England on the world stage (yes, we know Lewis Hamilton won a grand prix the same day, but that’s just driving cars fast, right?). As we are sure you know, England managed to sneak past a really impressive New Zealand team in the final of the men’s cricket world cup recently.

You also may well know that Trent Bridge cricket ground hosted some matches in the earlier stage of the tournament. What you may not know is that we went to one! Tickets were allocated to us by Nikki Lawson, Community Sport Manager at Nottingham City Council as we have previously done some partnership work with them. The participants that you can see in the great photo were chosen for their achievements in sport whilst at Space Inclusive. We probably don’t need to tell you that we all had a brilliant time, thanks Nikki!