Adult Social Care

The Care Act came into force in April 2015. Norman Lamb, the minister for care and support, has described it as “the most significant reform of care and support in 60 years”.

One of the key points in the act is that it will put “people and their carers in control of their care and support”. There is certainly a lot in the care act and its guidance about choice, involvement, partnership, empowerment and co-production. The Care Act confirms that when considering a person’s wellbeing, councils must begin “with the assumption that the individual is best-placed to judge the individual’s wellbeing”. The guidance for the act explains that “an assessment must be person-centred, involving the individual”.

This is directly in line with the way we think here at Space Inclusive. Putting individuals with support needs at the centre of what we do is integral to how we work. However, it is important to recognise the limitations that local authorities are working with. Local authority funding has been decreasing year on year, and it seems clear that this will continue. For more information on the Care Act, visit

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