Christmas holiday dates

We all love Christmas here at Space Inclusive. We’re getting into the festive mood. For your information however, we close for the Christmas break on Friday 22 December 2017 and will return for a new year on Wednesday 3 January 2018.



E up my duck!

At Space Inclusive we are constantly finding new ways of telling people what we’re doing. That’s because we believe we do a good job and we want to share that with a wide audience.

We also want to stay in contact with people because it means if we do have important news, people will find out quickly. That’s why we have a website and a twitter account. But from September we’ll be launching an e-newsletter!

It’ll be fun, easily readable, and a great way to let people know about the work we do.

It’s early days yet, but we hope and believe it’ll be a success! You can sign up to it by clicking on this link!