Initially Ahsan came to Space Inclusive for two days a week. One of the major challenges facing him was that he had very few social experiences due to being out of service for five years and he had fallen into a pattern of talking and interacting in often negative ways to his family.
When he tried to talk in this way to people outside his family he often repeated questions like for like and showed little understanding of what people were saying. This made communication very difficult.

Over time, with the guidance of speech and language professionals we helped Ahsan to find an alternative way to ask a question so that more of his friends could understand what he was trying to say, this breakthrough then lead to Ahsan wishing to communicate with more of his friends and thus widening his social circle.

After 10 months of attending 2 days a week, a group of professionals collaborated to discuss the future for Ahsan and in particular to discuss other services that he would both like to attend, and need to attend in the future. It was decided the most appropriate placement was for him was to attend Space Inclusive 5 days a week. In this time with us, he would access fitness classes as a way to reduce the weight gain by previously being inactive for so long, to compliment this we also agreed to look at dietary issues and to find ways to establish a new eating routine. We would also look to create social situations, access therapies, provide evening social opportunities and go away on residential trips as a way to provide a broad and balanced experience for him.

Whilst working in cooking and healthy eating sessions, a member of our staff identified that Ahsan is a keen chef and enjoys cooking and baking. In the time we have supported him he has developed a new sleeping routine, a new eating routine, he has made friends, has learnt how to look after himself, his language barrier has been almost eradicated and he now attends a regular work placement in a café where he bakes cakes to sell for the general public. His self-esteem, self-confidence and awareness of the people around him have increased dramatically as a result of being part of a service which encourages people to participate in worthwhile and meaningful activities.