Winner! Great British Care Awards.

We are proud to announce our recent award from the Great British Care Awards:

The Home Care Employer Award

Space Inclusive

In a hotly contested category Richard and David’s passion and innovative approach stood out. There was a real focus on the mental health and wellbeing of their staff. There was a ‘thinking outside the box’ approach to create an environment where staff can thrive and engage their own passions in a working environment. A drive to ensure a rewarding experience for staff and clients in particularly challenging financial situations. This company are finding innovative ways of inspiring, motivating and supporting their employees.

Super Street Art

Nottingham has had a visit from a high profile member of the art world. That’s right, the internationally acclaimed street artist Banksy has created a piece of work in Nottingham City Centre just off Ilkeston Road. As art lovers, we just had to see what it was all about and various visits have been made by staff and clients over the last week or so.

So, is the artwork a comment on the decline of the cycling industry in Nottingham? There has been no comment from the artist, but whatever the meaning it has been great to see a city that is consistently in the top ten of most deprived and is struggling with a high level of coronavirus cases get some long overdue positive news. Thanks Banksy, we love Nottingham too!

Head’s Up!

We’ve missed a lot of our friends during lockdown, none more so that the amazing tutors at Vision Community who help and support us with many creative projects. It was great to see them recently and although things have changed somewhat they are still able to deliver some fantastic arty sessions, completely safely too!

We have been working with them on creating some fab clay heads using a pinch pot technique and the results are pretty good so far as you can see. Of course, the heads are a work in progress but we shall be sure to keep you up to date!

Out and About

Nottinghamshire is a pretty big county with some beautiful countryside, especially as you head north towards Sherwood Forest and all the historic buildings and parks in the area.

Our team based in Mansfield Woodhouse have made full use of the natural resources in the area, taking nature walks, exploring famous landmarks and continuing to clear and prepare our new allotment and social garden space ready for planting.

Now more than ever we are remembering the value of our green spaces and it’s great to see our clients back and diving straight in!

(The New) Normal Service is Resumed…

Well, kind of. Our buildings remain closed for the near future to ensure that we can deliver a service that is as safe as possible. We do have our eye on re-opening our buildings so that we can deliver an adapted service in the next few weeks though. As lockdown restrictions continue to be eased, we have been able to spend face to face time with our clients through our community outreach programme.

It has been a very long time coming and it is important to mention how proud we are of our clients, staff team and their nearest and dearest for coping so well with this very difficult time. Whilst we don’t know what the future will hold with regard to coronavirus in the UK, we do know that we will continue to support people the best we can. With that in mind, we thought you’d enjoy some photos of our staff and clients spending time together in the great outdoors. We hope you note the fantastic smiles..!

Poetry in Motion

It’s a strange old time in social care, we are unable to spend face to face time with many of our clients and being with people is what we are all about…

We are lucky that most of our clients are staying in touch and we are able to connect with people remotely. This means we can see how people are, do online activities and see what people have been up to.

One of our super creative clients, Stuart, has been inspired by the NHS efforts during the Covid-19 outbreak and has penned this lovely poem to celebrate the work they do.

by Stuart Vanner

All remember and do not forget
Those to whom we owe our greatest debt.
They help us when we are in distress;
It is all of those who work for the NHS.

Around the clock they are always there,
And all this time they surely care.
Though it is something that we just expect
From those who deserve more respect.

Each worker endlessly strives
To cure and save all of our lives.
So surely nobody can detract
From all they do and that’s a fact.

And as no-one could be disenchanted,
We must never take for granted
All of their work and dedication;
So have for them all appreciation.

Smash Hits!

We attended another top sporting event recently, this time it was table tennis. The tournament was at the David Ross Sport Centre at University of Nottingham. We were able to watch the women’s singles final where Denise Payet won. We also got a chance to play table tennis ourselves, which if you’ve ever tried you might agree that it’s not so easy! We had a great time and will definitely be taking advantage of the table tennis facilities around the city in the future so that we can keep improving our game!

Whose lino is it anyway?

Our friends at West Notts College Adult Education Service offer some fantastic courses in the community. We are lucky enough that their excellent tutors have delivered creative courses for us for a while now. I’m pretty sure that you will have seen some of the lovely pottery work that people have done recently and now we can reveal some great lino prints that have been in the making for the last few weeks. I’m you’ll agree that the standard of the work is very high. Thanks as always to the excellent staff support and tuition and a massive congratulations to all of our artists!