A Splash of Colour

Our clients have created beautiful artwork of peacocks during a sensory activity using a wide range of materials including paint and collage, which really brought the pictures to life. Everyone worked as independently as possible, developing decision making, fine motor and hand/eye coordination skills. Each person mixed the colours that they wanted for their artwork and we all worked together to look for textured decorations to match the colours used on the peacock’s plumage. The peacocks are now displayed in the art room at Pelham Road for everyone to see, creating an uplifting atmosphere which our clients described as being ‘bright’ and ‘colourful’.

The World of Work

James White, Manager at our Radford Boulevard Site, has designed and developed an employability training course and workbook that will be delivered in-house across our centres directly to our clients. The workbook has the aim of providing our participants with valuable transferable skills that could be used in all walks of life, but particularly employment. 

The project is for our clients to be introduced to the world of employability and to gain the required expertise to achieve this. Most importantly we want people to become more self-aware and confident whilst working with others throughout this project so that these life skills can be put into place anywhere.  This will be done through a range of activities and a workbook that have been is split into six topics: Teamwork, Self-confidence and motivation, Self-awareness, Health and Safety in the workplace, Skills for employment and preparing for work.  The participants will focus heavily on key skills such as CV writing, preparing for interviews and how you should present yourself in a work environment.

In the past, Space Inclusive have worked with a range of external organisations to deliver employability sessions for our clients, but due to the current unprecedented times we are living in several of our previous courses were postponed. This encouraged James to work on his ideas and not let the pandemic stop our young adults getting the opportunities they deserve.

James states that: “The outcome for each client might be different, for some it will be about working towards some kind of work or voluntary placement whilst for others there could be more of a focus on self-awareness and confidence building.”

This is a fantastic programme for our clients to engage with and many have gained skills they may have previously struggled with. Our hope is that in the future we can organise visits to different businesses so that this training can be put into practice.

Spread a Little Love

Spread a little love! With Valentine’s Day looming and hearing the clients make this a topic for discussion on numerous occasions, I decided to plan an activity where they could “spread their love”.We took old jigsaws and recycled the pieces to create alternative masterpieces to take home to share with their families and loved ones. The group’s enthusiasm for the activity was overwhelming, they worked with great determination and independence over the 4 weeks and all seemed very pleased with their end products.

Simple Snacks

Food has always been close to our hearts. We love it! Our colleagues and friends at Mansfield Woodhouse have started 2021 with a commitment to developing kitchen skills and are beginning with learning how to prepare (and eat) simple and healthy snacks. A few weeks in and toasties and wraps have proven to be popular and the standard has been very good indeed. We shall watch this space with interest and see what else is coming out of the kitchen…

Deck the Halls

As we head into December, a group will be continuing their voluntary work with ‘The Friends of Wollaton Park’.  They are helping out with the restoration of the walled garden. They are carrying out various tasks such as clearing brambles, removing ivy, brick reclamation and much more! The end goal is to help bring the walled garden back to its former glory.

‘The Garden, built between 1783 and1788 had 12 foot high heated walls. They enclosed a 4 acre garden, which was used to grow a large variety of fruit and vegetables for the Middleton family and their staff. Next to it was the 75 foot long, Large Conservatory, and in front of that was an Herbaceous Garden, where the flowers for the Hall were grown. After the sale of the Hall and Park in 1924 the Walled Garden continued to be used by the Parks Department for growing plants for their flower beds around the City. In 1991 this process was moved to Woodthorpe and the Walled Garden was abandoned. Since then vegetation and vandals have taken their toll.

Find our more at http://www.spanglefish.com/wollatonhistorical/index.asp?pageid=695094 or follow the work on Twitter @FOWP_ and @wollatonhall

Winner! Great British Care Awards.

We are proud to announce our recent award from the Great British Care Awards:

The Home Care Employer Award

Space Inclusive

In a hotly contested category Richard and David’s passion and innovative approach stood out. There was a real focus on the mental health and wellbeing of their staff. There was a ‘thinking outside the box’ approach to create an environment where staff can thrive and engage their own passions in a working environment. A drive to ensure a rewarding experience for staff and clients in particularly challenging financial situations. This company are finding innovative ways of inspiring, motivating and supporting their employees.


Super Street Art

Nottingham has had a visit from a high profile member of the art world. That’s right, the internationally acclaimed street artist Banksy has created a piece of work in Nottingham City Centre just off Ilkeston Road. As art lovers, we just had to see what it was all about and various visits have been made by staff and clients over the last week or so.

So, is the artwork a comment on the decline of the cycling industry in Nottingham? There has been no comment from the artist, but whatever the meaning it has been great to see a city that is consistently in the top ten of most deprived and is struggling with a high level of coronavirus cases get some long overdue positive news. Thanks Banksy, we love Nottingham too!

Head’s Up!

We’ve missed a lot of our friends during lockdown, none more so that the amazing tutors at Vision Community who help and support us with many creative projects. It was great to see them recently and although things have changed somewhat they are still able to deliver some fantastic arty sessions, completely safely too!

We have been working with them on creating some fab clay heads using a pinch pot technique and the results are pretty good so far as you can see. Of course, the heads are a work in progress but we shall be sure to keep you up to date!

Out and About

Nottinghamshire is a pretty big county with some beautiful countryside, especially as you head north towards Sherwood Forest and all the historic buildings and parks in the area.

Our team based in Mansfield Woodhouse have made full use of the natural resources in the area, taking nature walks, exploring famous landmarks and continuing to clear and prepare our new allotment and social garden space ready for planting.

Now more than ever we are remembering the value of our green spaces and it’s great to see our clients back and diving straight in!