Have a Crafty Christmas!

At Mansfield Woodhouse our clients have been really hard at work creating some hand-crafted items that have been auctioned off. We raised a brilliant £105 on some handmade dog beds alone.

These beds will make wonderful and snug places for a pooch to pop themselves down on for Christmas Day!

Our clients made some other wonderful items such as cards and rustic door hangings – but it must be said that the dog beds were the real highlight!

The funds raised will go into helping out at our Mansfield Woodhouse site – for transport and resources – and will certainly come in handy.

Daisy, one of our Support Workers at Mansfield Woodhouse, said “It was a really great thing to do and we’re chuffed it raised so much”.

Thank you to everyone who bid. Whether you were successful or not we’re grateful you took the time to bid on the items we made.

Lynne Gowen

I have been an Occupational Therapist (OT) for many years and have a particular interest in Learning Disabilities, Autism and Asperger’s.

My skills as an OT enable me to understand the importance of engagement in occupation, promoting independence and community participation.

What is so great about Space Inclusive is that there are such varied activities and opportunities for people to get involved in.

In my spare time I enjoy gardening on my allotment and cooking the produce from it!

Nathan Bell

I am an example of how clients at Space Inclusive can progress and do brilliant things they didn’t imagine they’d ever do when they first attended. I started attending Space Inclusive at Mansfield Woodhouse a few years ago, on Wednesday mornings. I enjoyed my time as a client and my confidence increased, especially as I helped out other clients as well. It was always my intention to move into work and, encouraged by one of the Partners, David, I started thinking about a job at somewhere like Space Inclusive perhaps! I found out I enjoyed working with others to help with their confidence, as space had helped with mine. I gained enough confidence to attend college whilst still attending Work Space one day a week. As I finished my time at college an Apprentice role came up at Mansfield Woodhouse David suggested I apply…and I got it!. My role as an Apprentice Support Worker includes taking on small groups of clients and helping out with activities. I also provide support for Lucy and Daisy, the other two staff members at Mansfield Woodhouse. I am enjoying my role at Grove Street, An Apprenticeship at Space will be a great start to my career!

Satty Kaur

Hello my name is Satty. I have always worked in a care setting, firstly with the elderly and then with children with behavioural difficulties. Since working at Space I have fallen in love with the job; the service users bring a smile to my face and always brighten up the day. I have found great joy in helping others, by empowering them to become more independent and gain valuable life skills.

I have a degree in sociology and, although this has been very useful in my career, my main passion lies with music, art and creativity. I enjoy keeping active, reading and going to the cinema.

Jen Fowler

Having completed a degree in Primary Education I have always known that my goals and aspirations in life have been to help others develop and reach their full potential. Moving away from the teaching path, I worked as a senior in a children’s residential home; working with children and young adults with behavioral difficulties.
Applying for the Space Inclusive company, has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have never enjoyed a job role so much, and that’s down to the fantastic service users and colleagues that I work with each day. Everyday brings a smile to my face and I hope that my experiences and knowledge continue to support the service users ongoing development and empower them to become more independent.

I believe there is no limit to an individuals potential, with this in mind, I approach each day with the attitude that anything is possible.

Jerry Price

After graduating, I started out in photography before working in various roles including as an assistant bar manager and for a ticket service provider, where I worked at events around the country. My years doing this made me realise that I wanted to work with people in a more vocational role, so I then started working first as a residential worker and later a community support worker. After moving back to Nottingham I started volunteering at Space before being offered a position. I find working at space very rewarding and enjoy working in a way that encourages independence, social inclusion and decision making as well as teaching valuable life skills.

Kelly Malone

I began working for Space Inclusive initially as supply staff, having very little previous experience. As cliché as it sounds, I always wanted to make a difference to individual’s lives and help them achieve their potential. I soon became Full Time staff because I loved working with such wonderful people. I can share my creative talents and encourage others to improve their confidence and social skills along the way, through the many up-cycling and design projects we do here. I also have some experience in anxiety management and over the last few months have been running a Mindfulness session every week, which has proved a success!

It’s Good to Talk

Our Communications Worker, James, on his experience of giving a talk to another organisation.

On Wednesday I was privileged to represent both Space Inclusive and myself in delivering a talk to staff at Crocus Fields, an organisation for people with disabilities, in the Meadows.

I was there following an invitation from Pete Corkhill, a Unit Manager at Crocus Fields, who saw a recent article I wrote about my experience of having both Asperger’s and Depression.

I focused my talk on my personal experience, then I fielded some brilliant questions from the staff who were attending the talk. Questions were varied and interesting, from the importance of differentiation between Mental Health and Neurological conditions, to how some employers’ attitudes to Mental Health and Autism still need to change.

I also created an infographic hand-out that went down well with the attendees. It highlighted starkly the importance of understanding the link – and the difference – between Autism and Mental Health issues.

I was extremely pleased and happy it went so well. I’d especially like to thank Pete Corkhill who was my primary contact and made me feel very welcome at Crocus Fields.

Groups like Space Inclusive and Crocus Fields aren’t in competition. We’re all working together in our community to make sure young people with learning difficulties get the personalised, high quality service they deserve.