Poetry in Motion

It’s a strange old time in social care, we are unable to spend face to face time with many of our clients and being with people is what we are all about…

We are lucky that most of our clients are staying in touch and we are able to connect with people remotely. This means we can see how people are, do online activities and see what people have been up to.

One of our super creative clients, Stuart, has been inspired by the NHS efforts during the Covid-19 outbreak and has penned this lovely poem to celebrate the work they do.

by Stuart Vanner

All remember and do not forget
Those to whom we owe our greatest debt.
They help us when we are in distress;
It is all of those who work for the NHS.

Around the clock they are always there,
And all this time they surely care.
Though it is something that we just expect
From those who deserve more respect.

Each worker endlessly strives
To cure and save all of our lives.
So surely nobody can detract
From all they do and that’s a fact.

And as no-one could be disenchanted,
We must never take for granted
All of their work and dedication;
So have for them all appreciation.

Smash Hits!

We attended another top sporting event recently, this time it was table tennis. The tournament was at the David Ross Sport Centre at University of Nottingham. We were able to watch the women’s singles final where Denise Payet won. We also got a chance to play table tennis ourselves, which if you’ve ever tried you might agree that it’s not so easy! We had a great time and will definitely be taking advantage of the table tennis facilities around the city in the future so that we can keep improving our game!

Whose lino is it anyway?

Our friends at West Notts College Adult Education Service offer some fantastic courses in the community. We are lucky enough that their excellent tutors have delivered creative courses for us for a while now. I’m pretty sure that you will have seen some of the lovely pottery work that people have done recently and now we can reveal some great lino prints that have been in the making for the last few weeks. I’m you’ll agree that the standard of the work is very high. Thanks as always to the excellent staff support and tuition and a massive congratulations to all of our artists!

Cracking Ceramics

Thanks once again to our friends at West Notts College Adult Education Centre, we’ve been getting involved in some pottery sessions. People have been creating some totem pole style coil pots, decorated with relief patterns. It’s still work in progress, but the work created so far has been of such a high quality that we can’t wait to see the finished product! Check back soon for an update…

Light and Sound

We recently visited the Level Gallery in Matlock for their ‘Surface’ exhibition.

‘Surface’ is an exhibition using  light in which people are invited to explore projected forms within an immersive audio-visual installation. The room is filled with haze and mist, allowing light to create evolving 3D sculptures that fill the space to create cloud-like surfaces you can clearly see, pass through but not touch.

Level works with the New Art Exchange in Nottingham and will soon be doing the same light and sculpture exhibition there, so check it out if you have chance! 

Contemporary Rhythm

As you know, we are big art fans and we love to take part in any events that will help us develop our skills or give us new ideas. We were lucky enough to head over to the Nottingham Contemporary recently to participate in a gallery session called ‘Shapes and Rhythm’. We used collage to create artworks that used shapes of our own design placed in a rhythmic compostition supported by gallery staff.

Mirror, Mirror…

We love to be creative at Space Inclusive, although it’s not something we mention an awful lot. But you know what..? We should! We have some really talented arty types (staff and clients!) who routinely produce some very nice arts and crafts for the home, for our buildings or just for the fun of it. Of course, I could mention all the social benefits of creating things with other people, the skill development, the tactile nature of some art activities and all that, but sometimes it’s just best to let the pictures speak for themselves. This mirror project has been happening quietly for a few weeks now and has come to fruition with some very eye-catching frame designs. Another great example of the high standard of work that happens every day. Great stuff folks!

Summer Sonnet

We have some very talented people who choose to spend their time with us and it’s really nice to let their skills speak for themselves. So, without further ado, we hope you enjoy a seasonal poem (not strictly a sonnet!) by Stuart Vanner who attends our site on Radford Boulevard. The illustration is made using pressed flowers by another client from the same site.


The summer season must be the best, 
For it is when with the world I am most impressed. 
It is time to be out and to have constant fun, 
To be under blue skies and the endless Sun.

Time for scorching hot days and muggy nights, 
To see smiling faces all filled with delight. 
It is time to relax and time to unwind, 
While all about you there is joy to find.

Time to visit the beach and be by sea, 
For colds drinks, ice cream and for feeling free. 
Once again we’ll mention the sweltering heat, 
Since all the seasons it must always beat.

And it is time to look round and appreciate 
These summer moments and celebrate, 
For this lovely season shall in time be past, 
So remember – enjoy it while it lasts.